I've been trying to get printing OSX printing working with my iPrint system since Lion and SLES 10/OES 2 and I'm currently running Mavericks on the iPrint appliance and am still encountering the same issues that I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on.

I uploaded my printer drivers to the Mac Driver Store in iPrint, went to https://iprint.server/ipp, clicked on the printer that I wanted to install and did so just like you'd expect to do in the Windows world. At this point if I try to print a test page or anything else I receive a printing error message "-9786" and a page prints on the printer saying "error courred = -9786".

Once upon a time in investigating this issue from a Mac, I found instructions to go to the terminal and run "iprntcmd --testpage ipp://iprint.server/ipp/printer" and I get prompted for my username and password then a page with "#CUPS-BANNER Show printer-name printer-info printer-location printer-make-and-mod" does print.

From what I'm seeing it almost acts like the iPrint client on Mac/OSX doesn't communicate back to my server correctly or in the same way as the Windows client works. I've been hoping that "the next version" makes this connection easier from the OSX platform but I haven't had any luck yet. Does anyone have any advice for how to resolve this and actually be able to print from OSX? Thanks!