I moved a GW8 - System to a new environment and have to install GWIA and Web Access again.

I configure the GWIA using the installation programm provided by the software package.

I use the following config details :

ip-adress :
dns : up-gw-dmz
MTP port : 0
Relay host :
mail domain : unipart.de
domain dir : /mnt/GW8 which is a directory on the server with the GW( Base - Installation
GWIA dir : gwia
LDAP Server :
LDAP User : cn=admin.UNiPART_GmbH
passwort . +++++++
SSL - Port : 636
certificate : TrustedRootCert.der (exported from the Base OES Server with LDAP server)

Result : wrong password

If I use the LDAP browser on the same server with that user credentials I am able to step through the LDAP entries

Also logging in as admin on an OES Server is successful with the same password.

Which password is user for LDAP or is this different from eDir ?

How can I configure the GWIa in a different way?