Going to be moving a GW system, GW8.0.3, to from SuSE10 to SuSE11. System consists of 2 servers, I running primary and secondary domain with 2 post offices, 2 server runs secondary domain and gwia and webaccess. Their is a server in the dmz running webaccess agent with a purchase certificate. What I plan to do is just scp the data over to the new servers and reinstall and configure the agents on the new boxes. My question has to do with the server in the dmz. We plan to leave it as is, and I was told that all that was needed to do is reinstall the webaccess on the new box and copy the commgr.cfg from the new server to the location on the dmz server so it knows what to point too. No ip addresses are changing as well. Wanted to see if that sounds about right or if I am missing a step to get the webaccess server in the dmz to correctly still work after the migraiton.