Zen 11.2.3a to 11.2.4, SLES 11 sp3, physical server

After the 11.2.4 update a couple weeks ago, the "Home" page doesn't show any device errors. I used message cleanup after the update to start fresh, but now nothing seems to have any errors... ever. The exception is the "noncompliant items count" column; it has numbers in it but hasn't changed.

Also, the dashboard on "Patch Management" hasn't updated since either. All subscribed licenses are valid and active. Everything else seems to work fine. The install log doesn't look fishy too me, but if anyone wants it, just say so.

The January PRU is stuck downloading.

After some successful deployments of the agent (satellites and a test lab), deploying to all devices doesn't show up on the system updates page after I run the wizard. Also, I can't remove the completed update deployments.

Should I install the current "monthly update?"