Hi all: I have been working on a unified image to be pushed down across several different models of HP desktops/workstations. This works pretty well for us. I use one image for several different imaging bundles as I need to push down different drivers and scripts depending on the computer model. When I create an image (from within VMware) I end up making a copy of it on the imaging server with a name corresponding to what is called in the imaging bundles:

true image file name - vm-win7-base-prep3.zmg
copied image file name - base_image_1.zmg

bundle 1 - base_image_1, drivers_1, scripts_1
bundle 2 - base image_1, drivers_2, scripts_2

So rather than making a copy and using an additional 5 - 6 GB of disk space (base_image_1.zmg being a copy of vm-win7-base-prep3.zmg), I would like to just have a symlink that points to the actual image file (symlink base_image_1.zmg -> vm-win7-base-prep3.zmg). I tried this but it did not work for me. Has anyone tried something similar and did you get it to work?