Hi all.
We use hard drive replicators to build our fleet of hundreds of laptops, rather than ZCM (3 replicators, total of 21 drives imaged every 6 minutes, works well). The devices are already registered in ZCM(11.2.4) before we wipe the drives and reimage. Any ZIS info is erased during the reimage.
We reimage them once a year minimum.

Yesterday I noticed something that I thought I'd share.

A particular device, (lets call it "DESKTOP-01") has been in use previously, and ZCM has been working on it for a while. In ZCM/Devices, there are 2 Objects:
1. DESKTOP-01, Serial number in ZCM is <GUID String> which is not same as actual device
2. DESKTOP-01-<GUID String?>, whose serial number is <Actual serial number of device>. I believe this is the object in use.

I have ZCM set to differentiate on Serial Number only, it's the only constant in a device I can trust, since Laptops have 2 x(LAN/WiFi) MAC addresses .. but I digress..

When the device is booted for the first time with the new image (Win7SP1_x64) and ZAA is installed, it ultimately fails silently, and ZCM shows the device as unregistered.
As a test, I deleted the 2 objects from ZCM, and restarted the entire process with a re-image. It worked perfectly, with the correct device name, and Serial number in ZCM.

This is my thinking of what is happening.
-ZAA is installed on 'DESKTOP-01'
-Communicates with ZCM, and sees an existing object with the same serial number (DESKTOP-01-<GUID String?>), so uses this object
-Since our ZCM is setup to rename ZCM objects to match device host name, it attempts to rename the device object from "DESKTOP-01-<GUID String?>" to "DESKTOP-01"
-However, this name already exists in Devices (see 1. above).

Does this sound right? And if so, does anyone have any ideas on how I can ensure my reimages are built/registered successfully in this scenario?