On our test filr server the /vastorage 20GB partition is full. This is sdb1. It's ext3 and it's not a LV

I have expnaded the disk on the virtual server so I now have a sdb2. This is 130GB.
I have created this as an ext3 partition and mounted it as va2
i'm now doing cp -a /vastorage/* /va2/

The plan is when this is finished to just edit the fstab so that /dev/sdb1 becomes va2 and /dev/sdb2 becomes vastorage

Then i'll reboot

If the new file system looks to have everything the same as the old one i'll then umount va2 (the original /dev/sdb1 - vastorage) and hash it out in the fstab and unmount it, then maybe another paranoid reboot and I should then be fully working on the new filesystem, can you see any issues with doing this?

Thanks in advance