I currently have two sides of my network. At both sides I have a netware 6.5 box and and oes11 box.
I have LDAP issues that have been masked by the fact that my old netware servers work flawlessly!

Recently this flaw has become evident when one of the netware boxes went down (while I was on vacation no less) Evidently the LDAP server on my OES11 servers is not working properly. As when the Netware box was down many of my clients could not login without entering the context. I am also experiencing issues with my ZCM server finding issues whenever the OES11 server is the first LDAP server that is configured.
If in my ZCM server I only enter my netware box as the ldap source, users can log in fine. If I enter the SLES box as the source. The user cannot be found!

Is anyone willing to help me troubleshoot LDAP on my SLES 11 / OES11 Server?

On the oes11 terminal:

"ndstrace -c modules | grep nldap" yields
ssldp Running [ nldap ]
nldap Running
sasl Running [ nldap ]
dsloader Running [httpstk hconserv nldap ]

"nldap -s" and "nldap -c" both yield:
NLDAP server loading /unloading utility for Novell directory 8.8 SP7 v20705.00.

[1] Instance at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf VPS11.OU=Server.O=vps.VPS_TREE

ldap is something I have never been able to wrap my brain around so I do not know how to do an ldap trace, so help will have to be spoon fed.