We are seeing a bunch of issues related to interaction between McAfee Viruscan
Enterprise 8.8, VSE policies, and Zenworks 11.x. I'm wondering if anyone has
experience and/or recommendations:

- The Security dept want to implement a policy that no executables can be run
from the user's %temp% folder. Zenworks seems to rely on the user %temp% for
user actions, so sometimes wants to execute from that folder.

Also, text file edits are failing because the user is denied adequate rights to
the temp file that seems to be created in the %temp% folder, using Zenworks'
text file edit capability.

- Dynamic admin actions are failing when running executables. It appears that
Zenworks' dynamic admin is handled by creating an on-the-fly batch file under
the temporary account, then McAfee is causing the batch file execution to fail.

There are a range of other issues that also have cropped up, only with 8.8

Would love some input from anyone working with VSE 8.8 and policies, and any
information about working around this. i.e. is there any way to redefine what
Zenworks uses for a temp folder so that it's not using the user's %temp% on
user actions?

Thanks for any enlightenment. Pointers to documentation would also be appreciated.

-- DE