In my development of our iPrint appliance I needed to open a service request to get drivers and settings from our old iPrint server to transfer to the iPrint appliance that I'm trying to build up for production. After completing this portion of the migration I'm trying to continue with updating some printer driver profiles but am running into unexpected behavior when trying to change these settings.

For instance, I have a HP LaserJet 1320 PCL5 for Windows 7 x64 driver which was uploaded to iPrint from the local system, the driver came from the Microsoft provided printer driver list. The unaltered driver is attached to the appropriate printers on the old system, but with deployment on the new iPrint we found a setting that needed to be toggled from enabled to disabled so I'm trying to create a printer driver profile. In going through the process to create the profile and the driver opens the HP Universal driver v5.1 opens, not the PCL driver.

I also looked into converting all of my HP printer drivers over to the HP universal drivers but found that each driver profile that I built for each different model printer became the driver profile of the last printer profile that I created. For example if I made a profile for x64_lj1300, x64_lj1320, x64_lj4050 in that order, the printer profiles for the 1300 and 1320 would assume the settings configured on the 4050 which would include 2 paper trays, letter and legal, as well as a duplexer.

I've even built up a 2nd iPrint appliance and am seeing similar behaviors with the universal driver profiles, even by building the system up from scratch and not importing old printers or drivers from the old system. Any ideas what is happening?