Have an iPrint Appliance set up with mobile printing enabled and working.

About email printing: When I send a List Printers command, it does not list any of the secure printers. So is it correct that printing by email to secure printers is not supported? Can't see anything on that in the docs, though it makes sense from authentication point of view.

Second question has to do with the process for polling the email address set for global printing. I have it configured and working in a couple tests. However, after the appliance runs for a while (well, twice overnight since I started testing) it seems to loose connection to, or stops polling the email account. Emails will sit in the inbox of the account, not be processed. When i re-boot the appliance, then they are processed. Any known issues here, or what steps to narrow down the problem. It is a gmail account (Google Apps for Education) that I have set up.

Thanks for any tips.