I have had my Zenworks for Desktops 7 SP 1 installed for six years. The platform is NW6.5 SP8 with clients WinXP SP3. All of a sudden yesterday I can no longer ping zenwsimport. I have checked to make sure nothing changed in our dns setup. I am getting Error 401 when I attempt to re-register the broken workstation. I have also just started receiving a message that says it cannot get an encryption key for the remote session. I am not sure whether the message is related to the error because they don't happen on the same client. I have verified that my import policy is still up and active. I can ping the IP of the zenworks server, just not zenwsimport. We have students that go in and test functions on these workstations so we usually have a pretty good idea when there are problems. These workstations were really ok until yesterday afternoon and since then approx. 10 of 34 have exhibited the problem.

Thanks for any and all ideas