So I've installed and configured ZR5 in our zone a couple of weeks ago. In preparation for ZCM 11.3 to be released. We are currently running 11.2.4.

A few things I'm not sure I like about it though. Perhaps some of you will have some thoughts on these.

1. In ZRS, I was able to run usage reports and get the total time a specific machine had xyz application open during the past week. In ZR5, I can get all the fields to show in an Ad Hoc View, but I can't seem to figure out how to summarize the Hours Active field so there is only one line for the machine. It seems to break out the Hours Active per launch.

2. When I try to create an Ad Hoc View to look at bundle launch information, I can't figure out how to relate the bundle information back to the Inventory information. I want to pull the Entered User Name for devices on which the bundle has been run.

Also as a side note, I've tried to use the Jaspersoft Studio 5.5 and it works great. I can see and modify existing reports. It took a bit of work to get the Security certificate to work though. I had to follow some steps found in the Jaspersoft forums and FAQ. Will there be more information on how to use this tool as well as the web interface to come?