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Thread: Processing login to user source

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    Processing login to user source

    Hello there.

    I hope someone can help me here.

    We got alot of users just hanging for 5-7 minutes in Processing login to user source.

    I have checked wich server they are registered towards, and thats one called 791nzcm01, and if I change their server to for example 791patch01, they just login fast Again.

    So im pretty sure that its the nzcm01 server Theres something with, but I cant figure out what it is. I have tried to restart the services, and reboot the entire server.

    Theres something strange. If I log into Control Center on 791nzcm01 and want to add users to a bundle for example, I cant browse it further than /users/domain. But if I go into users, I can browse all the way Down to our users.

    Do you have any ideas.? It is ZCM 11.2.3.
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