Hi all,

I have modified the imaging menus for many of the previous versions of the bootcd for imaging in Zenworks. Typically I just use an ISO editor and modify the settings.txt file in the root and then the isolinux.cfg file in the boot>i386>loader folder. I typically do this to adjust the amount of time available to make a selection on the imaging menu and I also change the default order of the options (we use the 'manual' option most of the time). This has worked well for many different systems. On the 11.2.4 bootcd iso, we can make these same changes and it works fine with BIOS based systems, but not with UEFI. On any of our newer UEFI PC's, the CD fails to run with any of them that I make these modifications to. I did find the UEFI files to modify in the efiboot.img image file in the root of the CD (elilo.conf and nvlgrub.cfg both in the EFI>BOOT folder). Burning the default bootcd.iso to a CD works just fine with these UEFI systems, but the default choice is 'automatic' and the amount of time to make a selection is very short. This makes it a bit more time consuming when we are imaging a entire lab of computers.

Has anyone else run into this and found a solution to modify the UEFI menu and options?