Catching up on some server upgrades and not sure how to progress with our ZCM server.
it is ZCM11.2.4 with embedded database and running on SLES10 sp3 (x64) right now. would like to get that up to SLES 11 (highest supported SP with ZCM)

What is the best process for doing that? I know I will need to use media for it. I have ISO of SLES 11 sp1 on hand. (server is a VM, and I do have a test bed I can try it on first)
I was thinking since media update from SLES 10 sp3 to SLES 11 sp1 is supported, that would be a good place to start, will I run into any issues with that step?

Also have a satellite in another location with same OS level that would like to update as well.

Thank you,