I have several rules setup within my GroupWise client to either place a category on an e-mail ore move e-mail into a Folder for archiving. Since I am highly mobile at this stage and use both a phone and tablet when I am away from my GroupWise client I would prefer to have all my e-mail to go into my inbox first. What I am looking at trying to do is create a rule that if I have read the e-mail then move specific e-mails into those folders.

In playing with the rules I noticed that "When Event is" has several options that might work for me. I am just not sure how to proceed and was hoping for guidance. For instance one of the options is User Activated. If I select this option for Item Types Mail. and define the action of e-mail containing support with an action of Move to Folder does this mean that if I read the e-mail on my phone the mail item is then moved or is this meaning that I have to run the rule manually to process the items.

I guess what I am looking for is a good way to move e-mail I want to keep on record, like anything from my boss. I want it in my inbox so I can read it as it comes in but I also want to organize it once it is read. Should I just start a startup or ext event and manage it at the beginning or end of the day?

Hopefully someone else is doing something similar and can provide some tips.