I am migrating from a Netware 6.5 SP8 server to SLES11 / OES11

Both servers are now up and running, certificates checked and valid.

I run the miggui UI and can setup the netware server as source, and the SLES11 as destination. I can add a consolidate task and browse both file structures (both NSS). I drag the folders I want to migrate accross, choose a few basic settings and start the job

I get to stage 3, Starting MIgrate Phase. When I look at the log, I can see the miggui has correctly worked out the size of the voiume for progress feedback..

Then nothing.. none of the files copy.

I have rebooted servers, recreates jobs, checked new server has a full replicate of the entire OU with the volumes in it, I just cant get the data to move.

Can someone advise on what I can do to push this through OR recommend another tool for migrating data from Netware OES to SLES11 OES