I'm working with ENGL, but thought I'd post here as well. We're seeing a MAJOR issue since 11.2.4 upgrade.

On three different models (Bytespeed Intell DG41TY, HP dc7800, and dc7900), we are getting BSoDs on the machines with Inaccessible_Boot_Device.

This does not happen with Windows 7x64, only Windows 8x64. Another thing that cropped up is with Lenovo Twists, there are two drives. If we don't clear those drives prior to imaging.

We are not doing AV or other security software in the build, and only browsers, CS6, and a few other pieces of software.

I thought about upgrading to 11.2.4MU1, but 11.2.4 fixed a driver issue with several laptops we have, so I'm afraid of it breaking again, and not fixing this issue.

We are on:
ZCM 11.2.4
Build Console 8.0.1
Windows 2008R2 and embedded Sybase