I have run into what appears to be a bug in Client 2 SP3, all
releases. If I attempt to delete a Read Only file with a Win7 machine
(32 or 64 bit) running that client, it fails and after that point the
Delete Inhibit attribute ends up set on the file. Once DI is set it
becomes a real pain to get rid of the file, really miss the old FLAG
command line utility here. It gets real cumbersome when a whole
directory tree of files gets copied by some automatic archive process on
a W7 box, as the same happens to directories also. I have tried this
with plain SP3, IR3 and IR5 all appear to behave the same. This does
not happen with XP or W2K clients running the client for those. The
server I am running these tests against is 6.5 SP 8 fully patched.
Client file caching is enabled on the client boxes I have tested this
with and must remain so as it being enabled fixes another bug that had
been a big pain for some time.

Has anyone else run into this situation and more important, does
anyone have a solution?