In order to improve backup performance I am thinking of connecting our iSCSI drives (on Synology NAS box) to the 2 OES 11 Cluster servers via their second network cards. I.e. the iSCSI drives will be on a separate network so the data is not travelling over the same network twice in order to get to the backup server (Backup Exec on Windows).

I would welcome general comments on any pros and cons of this idea

Not being a network expert I am not sure how I can do this. As I understand it the second network cannot be in the same subnet as the main network or confusion reigns. However my cluster resources will have to be in the main subnet range. Is it that the iSCSI portal addresses can be on a different subnet but everything else is on the main subnet? Will I have any issues if I change the IP addresses of the iSCSI Initiators?

Thanks in advance