I am new to Filr and certificates, and could use some guidance on the
certificate portion. I currently have Filr deployed in a large
deployment pattern. I am running Filr 1.0, soon to be upgraded to
1.0.1. The issue I am experiencing is when a client connect up to the
iPad application I receive the message "The site's certificate is not
trusted", which makes sense since I am running with the default self
signed certificate and the servers are running over port 8443.

The question I have is I currently have two servers running Filr, named
"" and "", and I have
them running on a network load balancer resolving to

If I am understanding the documentation correct the steps I would:
- Create a new Certificate on "one" of my Filr servers
- Generate CSR
- Get signed from GoDaddy or who ever.
- Import the CA reply
- Activate the Certificate

On the other Filr server, I would just have to import the certificate
and make it active?

The names are a concern as well, since I have two servers, and and currently
running them through a NLB as, I am assuming I
create the certificate as since that is how it is
being presented??

Since Filr is running internally only at this time, but may present this
externally as well, I would assume I would need to create yet a new
certificate as Would a SAN entry be in order?

Also, what is a good certificate validity in days, the default is 365?

Thanks for any input!