I have 3 different ones set up. I'm working with Novell as far as
getting any changes to affect *all* emails without doing post office
rebuild, but I have another issue I'd like to see about getting some

I can't seem to get these signatures to 'act the same' on emails. I've
had complaints about too many spaces, etc between the email and
signature, so I'm trying to resolve this.

If I take all the blank lines out of the top of the signatures,
sometimes they will continue the last line of the email if the user did
not hit <enter> at the end of their email.

Also, the signatures have one blank line at the end of them, but on
some emails they add 2 or 3 blank lines after the signature.

I created & edit these in ConsoleOne as we're running GW2012sp2 (from
March 2013). Clients are mainly win7 64bit at the same patch level.

What gives? What can I do to get these to look the same on all emails?