Hi there,

I already have 3500 workstations running ZCM Agent 11.2.3a
These workstations were either updated from 11.2 to this version, or were new workstation installations.

There are still a number of machines which need to be updated.
Due to initial testing the update was originally assigned to small batches of machines at a time.

I now want to baseline all the workstations so that any outstanding machines are updated to version 11.2.3.a.
If I now apply the update to all devices in the zone, can I rest assured, that those workstations which have already
beed updated or had the new agent installed on them will be ignored.

ie only machines on the older version will be updated

I am pretty sure this is the case but I just need to confirm to cover myself.
ie the update will not try and re-apply itself to updated machines.


Shaun a big thanks to you and all the others for their input into these forums.