Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this.

I manually important and ran the 11.2.4 update, and I cannot get it to apply to my one primary server.

In the "Available System Updates" section it is listed as "In Process." I deployed it by stages, with the first stage having just the primary server. Since then, it has been In Process in the Pending stage. I can refresh through the terminal, but trying to force a refresh through ZCC will just have the server stuck at "Connected", and it will never complete.

I've tried setting it to a Now schedule, as well as letting it run on the default schedule, and neither have applied it.
Zac zc -l states "Closest servers not found for any role." The server I am applying it to is the only one, and is set up as the default server.

Am I missing something here?
Thank you for your help!