I am starting to see a couple of issues with my Windows 7 Pro systems that I am not sure if ZCM's DLU policy might be causing issues with.

I worked on a students computer yesterday where the Novell Login worked as designed but the local log reported the Local profile was corrupt and kills the login. Deleting the local username and renaming the profile folder for that student seems to fix the issue. Could the DLU policy be causing problems with the Local account?

The second item I am seeing more and more of is that the Windows 7 Pro Startup repair seems to be occurring more frequently most recently. The process is random for student computers so I have attributed the issue to the student forcing a shutdown instead of shutting down the computer correctly. At this point I am not so sure. I have a larger number of repairs that cannot be resolved and the laptop needing a complete reinstall.

Any ideas on either of these issues?