ZCM 11.2.4
Windows XP workstation
Using N-Computing X-550, but I think the problem exists in the U-series as well

The problem exists in the "thin-client" portion
I am unable to use ZCM to place desktop shortcuts - actually I can place the shortcut, but they don't work and report an "unable to launch in user space"
The shortcuts work great on the "host" machine, but do not work on the client machine. (the clients are simply RDP sessions of the host "terminal server")

My work around was to simply copy a shortcut using the copy file option. But apparently I can't copy a *.lnk file. I need it to copy that file, because of the conditional statements of the run that are in the shortcut.

FYI, these don't work for internet or *.exe shortcuts....
ZCM works great on the windows 7 (64) machines for this purpose. There is an issue with XP. I know what I am asking is a VERY small market. I was hoping someone could help with a work around.