I'm not sure my GWIA is logging is setup correctly

Apart from setting Verbose during installation - I have not tweaked it at all.
This is a small 10 user system so I didn't think I'd need to!

In reality only about 6 active users and 3 which probably get 20 emails a week...

Each of 6 main users have 3 additional POP accounts with default 15 mins settings

Looking at logs for some delivery problems - I see LOTS of POP related activity
Normal SMTP send receive activity missing in some case

Looks like GWIA logging only able to log a in/out activity at a time ?
e.g. I'm looking for email sent at 12:02 - but there is simply nothing in the logs at that time other than a POP connection

This would be well useless if system had say a hundred users - actually its useless for 6 users

What do I need to configure / change ?

I don't look at logs like this often but it must be setting if SMTP In/Out is not logged just because of pop activity
with say 50 users there may be dozens of emails being sent / received in a minute