Not too long ago I had my SLES 10 GroupWise servers updated to SLES 11 SP2/OES 11 SP1 and now I'm tinkering in my Disaster Recovery environment trying to figure out how to restore functionality with my GroupWise DB server. The issue at hand that I'm experiencing is that when I try to set up the NSS data store in iManager I keep receiving the "Unable to authenticate for CIMOM" error message. In the SLES 10/OES 2 environment I was able to perform the following tasks be able to use the Storage section in iManager without any trouble and I could repeat my results:

1. Use my backup/recovery application (Sesam) to restore the / (root) partition, with the exception of the /boot and the /opt/sesam folders, reboot.
2. From a terminal run "ndsrepair -R" to update the local DS.
3. Navigate to /etc/sysconfig/novell/ldap_servers and remove any entries for anything other than the local server.
4. Navigate to /etc/sysconfig/novell and edit the file edir2_sp3 to change the CONFIG_EDIR_REPLICA_SERVER entry to the IP of the local server.
5. Edit /etc/nam.conf and change the preferred-server entry to the IP of the local server then namconfig -k
6. At this point I was usually able to access everything within iManager without CIMOM errors.

I did alter my procedure to reference edir_oes11_sp1 rather than the edir2_sp3 file in step 4 but that does not appear to be everything that I need to do to recover functionality in iManager after a restoration. Does anyone know what else might be out there to change or update? FYI- my DR environment is a near identical match of my production environment using the same IP addresses, system names, and operating systems as I'm using in production. Thanks!