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> Not too long ago I had my SLES 10 GroupWise servers updated to SLES 11
> SP2/OES 11 SP1 and now I'm tinkering in my Disaster Recovery environment
> trying to figure out how to restore functionality with my GroupWise DB
> server.

For GroupWise, you'd have to ask over in the GW forums.

> The issue at hand that I'm experiencing is that when I try to
> set up the NSS data store in iManager I keep receiving the "Unable to
> authenticate for CIMOM" error message.

Not sure about this, so hopefully somebody else will jump in.

> 1. Use my backup/recovery application (Sesam) to restore the / (root)
> partition, with the exception of the /boot and the /opt/sesam folders,
> reboot.
> 2. From a terminal run "ndsrepair -R" to update the local DS.

I'm not familiar with SESAM, but in general, this would not be the right
way to restore eDirectory. You should be using eDirectory's own database
backup / restore capability (dsbk) for that. You should not be running
ndsrepair for anything afterward.

If SESAM is backing up the *files* of eDirectory, then the backup of the
database is worthless. eDirectory is a database and needs to be backed up
correctly. If they're somehow using the correct backup / restore methods
under the covers, then that's good and you can ignore this.

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