I duped the issue.
I presume you could create an SR to try and get the constraints raised.
I suspect they just thought nobody would ever want more than 999

However, a GPO would likely be fine.

Let me know if you create an SR.

On 1/27/2014 2:46 PM, shumways wrote:
> Using ZCM on SLES 11
> Windows 7
> RE: power management policy: I am required turn the sleep setting to
> (practically) infinite. Using the windows control panel I can put in at
> least 6 9's in the minutes field (~16,667 minutes or a little less than
> 2 years = "practically infinite"). In the ZCC policy wizard I can only
> put in 3 9's (16.65 hours). Is this by design? Perhaps you have some
> old school COBOL programmers setting up your screens ;^)
> I believe I can use a Windows Group policy to set this up, so unless I'm
> missing something here that's where I'll have to set this up instead of
> the ZCM power policy.
> Thank you for reading my post, and I'd appreciate any information!