I have deployed the Filr service within my school system almost as soon as Novell provided the software. I have tried to get the service used through the k-12 community by administration, teachers, and even students. I can't seem to get buy in of the product. I was told in a meeting today that the school system is now looking into converting a lot of our major services over to Google. (Calendaring, File storage, E-mail, Apps, etc) I find this hard to understand since we have every single piece of functional process they are wanting to do already running. The staff and students just need to start using the product. The explanation I keep getting is that I just don't get it and that Google and the services they provide are the wave of the future.

I am a little lost since, like I said, I am providing the same services. And in a secure environment.

My question in all this is this. What process did you use to get buy in from the end users when you deployed Novell products in the past? Did you do anything special with the Filr product to fight the DropBox/Google Doc environment? Any K-12 schools in the community that would like to share how they are using the product successfully in their schools so I can at least provide examples outside of how I have been using the product? Any guidance would be great in this area.