We are trying to enable NetIQ IAC (Identity Assurance client) Smart Card login into Windows 7 workstation.
I can't mange ZENworks client to login after successful SmartCard authentication to eDirectory.
It seems that Zenworks client during login can not load library to access Secret store:

ZENLGN [35C-3E8] [15:00:02:473] About to call Read Secret Store
ZENLGN [35C-3E8] [15:00:02:473] NWSSLoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [35C-3E8] [15:00:02:473] LoadLibrary for NWSSO.DLL failed: 126
ZENLGN [35C-3E8] [15:00:02:473] Returned from Read Secret Store

ZCM is 10.3.3, Windows 7 32 bit

NDS (password) login works fine.
Any ideas would be appreciated.