On a OES11sp1 server i have some issue with ncp (Doing the same test locally or through novell-cifs works)

The issue is the following and very easy to reproduce :
Seven x64 sp1 + Novell client 2 SP3 (IR4)

Map a volume (W: in my example)
Create a bat file with this at the root of the volume

IF NOT EXIST "W:\toto6\tutu6\tata6" mkdir toto6 toto6\tutu6\ toto6\tutu6\tata6

Normally if the folder does not exist it should create all the subdirectory structure but the result is that you received one error message for each directory but only folder toto6 is created

The funniest part is that if you launch only
"mkdir toto6 toto6\tutu6\ toto6\tutu6\tata6"

it works !!!!

If you use this script on your local drive or attached to the volume using novell-cifs it works !!!!

Will open a SR.