When I try to print from a tablet to an HP 8100 or HP 8600, the printer just prints one page of junk and then a bunch of blank pages.

In the iPrint Mobile log (/var/opt/novell/log/iprintmobile/iprintmobile0.log) I saw entries such as:
WARNING: Waiting, conversion thread returned without error but converted data still not available.
WARNING: Not converted file: 41.1 ps.

I changed the default rendering PPD as documented in resolution 1 of TID 7013074. The printer result is the same, however, now there are no entries regarding the print job in the iPrint Mobile log.

Since these are HP printers, I attempted to install hplip on the appliance as documented in the additional information portion of the TID. Unfortunately, the FTP download results in "No such file or directory". I sent feedback to novell regarding the TID but have not heard a resolution yet.

Appliance version: 1.0.377.2

Any help would be appreciated.