I am having some trouble getting the Bundle Patch import working in the latest patch for ZCM 11.2.4 MU1. When I do the bundle import I get an error 22 stating the Bundle/ZCMPATCHES folder doesn't exist. In reading the instructions it was my understanding that in the bundles section of ZCM I would need to create a folder called ZCMPATCHES. I have done that.

Here is the command I am using to do the import.

zman bc ZCM_11.2.4_MU1_Patch_851470_Windows ZCM_11.2.4_MU1_Patch_851470_Windows.xml ZCMPATCHES/11.2.4MU1 -a=ZCM_11.2.4_MU1_Patch_851470_Windows_ActionConten tInfo.xml

Am I missing something or have a section wrong?