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    event processing


    I want to share my experience with the community about GMS 2.0 I updraged my system from Datasync 1.x and after 1 week, the users complaints about the speed of mobiles sync was slow. When I checked the Dashboard, I saw something wrong : the event processing was very high like 100 000. I restarted the server, the GMS was stabled for 30 sec and after it returned to 100 000. I opened a Novell case and after two days, I saw with the engineers one user problem. I removed this user from GMS, I run DSAPP tid 7008852 and after I did a GWCHECK for this user. GWCHECK found two errors. After, I re-add the user, we just have 1 event processing instead of 100 000. It's not 0 but the system is still stable. When you delete a user, make sure to run the TID 7008852 because the user remains on the database.

    I saw that some users has two devices like IPAD 7.04 and IPHONE 7.04, have differents versions connector in Dashboard like 12.1 and 2.5 It's very strange because all devices are recent and IOS was the last version. What is the step to upgrade the connector on the device Apple ?

    I'll follow-up on the stability of the system because the Dashboard still show 1 event processing after I re-add the user. If I remove the user, the system come back to 0 event processing.

    Message to engineers : Can you add an icon to kill a frozen or bad file in the database because now i need to go manuel with engineers ?
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