We seem to be having a problem with printer load balancing working correctly. I have several computer labs. Each lab has at least 2 printers of the same type. As a result I pool the printers for each lab. We are still running ZCM10.3.4. Most of the clients are running iprint 5.82. With Zenworks 7 and 6.5 load balancing on these printers worked very well and page counts stayed very close on each printer. Now that we are at ZCM10 and have been for about 3 years now we continually see that one printer gets the majority of jobs. Most of the computers are imaged but printers are installed after imaging. Even if we alternate the default printer on the computer print jobs still mostly come out the same printer. All printers except 3 are HP and in our case they are all new HP M602's with a couple older HP4015DN's thrown in when the new HP M602's would print garbage across the wan and the 4015's would print correctly but that is another topic.

Am I misunderstanding how load balancing is supposed to work? Isn't load balancing supposed to be one of the features of printer pooling in addition to sending jobs to the printer that is not busy at the time the job is sent? How is load balancing set up?

Thank you.