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Thread: 11.2.4MU1 + XP + Novell Client 4.91SP5IR2 = JIF Headache!

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    11.2.4MU1 + XP + Novell Client 4.91SP5IR2 = JIF Headache!

    Has anyone reimaged a Windows XP workstation with the 11.2.4MU1 ZCM agent?

    I have been having problems with the 11.2.4MU1 ZENworks Imaging Windows Agent on Windows XP. After imaging a workstation, we install the ZCM agent. The preagent install package runs and reboots the machine. The imaging agent is visible during the boot sequence as per usual except that, after it finishes updating the workstation’s identity, it doesn’t reboot the machine. Instead, the imaging agent window disappears, and the logon window appears. If I log on, I find that the System control panel shows the workstation name to have been updated, but the command “echo %computername%” displays the unchanged computer name. In other words, the computer identity change is still pending a reboot. If I run ziswin.exe, I see that the Just Imaged Flag is still set.

    If I manually reboot the computer, the imaging agent runs at the next boot, and this time it behaves as expected, ultimately clearing the Just Imaged Flag and rebooting the computer.

    The problem as I’ve described it may sound like a mere nuisance, something that could be dealt with by perhaps generating an extra reboot. However, I’ve only described the problem as it appears on a bare bones XP install. Our images also include the Novell Client, and with the Novell Client installed, the problems are much more severe.

    When I attempt to log into the computer using a local account, a dialog box appears, which says “Windows Security Message: A domain controller could not be found for the specified domain.” (This is because the Novell Client still has the previous workstation name registered for authentication as the “domain name”.)

    What’s worse, when the Novell Client is installed, one of two equally-disagreeable scenarios follows on subsequent boots. In one scenario, the Just Imaged Flag is successfully cleared, the machine rebooted, and all the local user groups are cleared of members. This means there are no local administrative accounts. The other scenario sees the workstation identity apparently changed correctly, but the imaging agent continues to run during every boot sequence, never clearing the Just Imaged Flag and never rebooting the machine.

    Has anyone noticed any of these problems with the Windows imaging agent in ZCM 11.2.4MU1?
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