Hi all: I just found out that the use of DLUs with Active Directory is a no-no. So I went and turned of my DLU policy for a test user group and now I can't seem to login properly, and I am completely lost.

Here is what I have:
Workstations running Windows 7 64-bit, Novell Client 2 SP3 and ZCM 11.2.4
OES servers run OES11 SP1
Active Directory runs on Windows server 2008
Passwords get sync'ed via Identity Manager eDir -> AD

I need to log into eDirectory, ZCM, AND AD, but with only one log in screen (i.e. the user only enters their username and password once). I have context-less login enabled so my users do not have to mess with context settings. Username and passwords are sync'ed one way, from eDir to AD, via IDM.

I am hoping there are some good how to's on this, but the info I have found so far has not helped out. I am able to get the Novell and AD login working together, but ZCM fails to log in.

All help greatly appreciated, Chris.