I had a server - SERVER1 with volume DATA ie SERVER1.DATA.ou=aaa.o=zzz
I have created a full copy of a NSS Lun (pool and volume data) using
the storage's LUN clone feature call it DATA'

I then took the origional lun and attached it to a second server
SERVER2 and updated Edirectory so it became visible on that server
ie SERVER2.DATA.ou=bbb.o=zzz

I want to attach the copy back to server1 (which currently has no pool
or volume)

SERVER1.DATA.ou=aaa.o=zzz cloned DATA'

My question is, is there any unique identifiers thay will it screw up
the lun on SERVER2 when I attach it back and import it into edirectory
Or should it just connect ?

If you are wondering this is a DR srenario

Thanks in Advance