Have a user with a weird issue. Running GW2012sp2 (6/2013 ftf patch)
on windows 7 64 bit, virtual, linked clone. Apparently this was
happening before on GW2012sp2 (3/2013) but she never mentioned it.

The first email she sends after booting her machine up, if she adds her
signature, gives this error:

Error: Sending item
The item was not sent.
Try resending it.

If she resends, it seems to be fine the rest of the day, but then it
crops up the next time she boots her machine.

I've verified it does not follow from machine to machine, but if she
does *not* include her signature on the first email, it does not give
that error.

Looking at reinstalling the client on her VM, but I'm wondering if
something could be borked in it tied to her profile. I've seen many
programs that when something is uninstalled, there are many things left
in a user's profile.

Anyone else see this? Suggestions to get rid of this error? I will
update what happens after reinstalling, but it takes a VM recompose to
get the software back on there.