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Thread: Bulk import performance

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    Bulk import performance

    Hi Folks,

    We're getting ready to migrate our first teams into our new Vibe environment but I'm wondering if we can do anything to improve the performance of bulk imported documents (drag and drop into the webclient).

    Our environment: Vibe 3.3 on SLES11 SP2 (3 virtual servers)

    Server 1 (Tomcat):

    2x CPU
    8GB RAM (Java cache 6GB)

    Server 2 (Lucene):

    2x CPU
    8GB RAM (Java cache 6GB)

    Server 3 (MySQL):

    2x CPU
    4GB RAM

    When I do a bulk import, files import and everything is fine but if I'm concerned about the time it takes. During my test imports the only process that has any significant utilization is Java on the Tomcat server, but it bounces from between 30-90% on a single CPU. If needed I can easily crank these VMs up to 8 CPUs and 64GB RAM if needed. That said, if I can't tax the current servers, there's no need to increase resources.

    Does anyone know a way to improve the import performance? I want to be able to peg all my CPUs at 100% if need be.
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