Hi There,

We have a ZCM 11.2.4 server up and running in our new network. Before we go to migrate from the old to the new network, in two weeks, we are testing te last things and we have one problem and one question that I want to ask here.

Our network exist off Windows 8.1 64 bits workstations and because it isn't possible to create icons in the 'start menu' on Windows 8.1, we created a shortcut on the desktop to the application launcher. This shortcut is assigned to all users. No problem, til we started to redirect the desktop to the home directory off the users. All desktop icon's are gone, including the one to the applications launcher. Is there something to do about it, our is it impossible to redirect the desktop when using ZCM this way?

Does ZCM already had a solution to add icons the the Tile Start Menu from Windows 8.1? Or does anyone have a better way to give the applications to our students in Windows 8.1?


Marcel de Jager