everytime i close the client, the folder %temp%\XPgrpwise is corrupt, the folder has no owner and i can not take over a owner or anything else.

then the client does not open mails and comes up with message %temp%\XPgrpwise\filexyz has conflict with other software.
the folder is no longer accessible.

workaround is: windows down, start a live system from stick, delete XPgrpwise, start windows and the client works until the next shutdown.

a kaspersky kis2014 full scan in windows and a virus scan from a live-cd doesnt found any rootkits, viruses or trojans.

first time this issue occurs with an older client 802hp2 and i update it to 803hp3.
i uninstall the client and run cleanit 5.x from netmail and install the client new.
all with restart windows between the actions.

i doing this two times but the results are the same.

then i try to isolate the folderrights for all accounts and take away inherited rights from upper folder
then i unmark
-full -delete -WriteAttribs -WriteExtendedAttribs -ChangeRights -TakeOwnership

so no account should modify the life XPgrpwise folder.

it does not work, after a client close, the folder is no longer accessible.

need help to solve this.

Thanks in advance