Good day,

I have a server running SLES10 SP4/OES2 SP3, with iPrint, and have started seeing the following error:

Error: Create Print Manager Failure Connection reset IPP Error: 0 x1007

We have just started troubleshooting this issue, but we found TID 7003554 which had as it's title the same issue that is currently being seen in iManager, (we have tried both the server version of iManager (where we get page cannot be displayed) and the workstation version of iManager (where we receive the IPP Error : 0x1007)

Additionally TID 7001424 has also been tried (steps 1 and 2 ) did not alter the outcome, still seeing errors accessing the iPrint for this one server.

So far we are only seeing this issue occurring on one server/iPrint system.

Thank you,