I have been tracking an issue with my Windows 7 systems (both x86 & x64) where the system will randomly hang. Usually this is when the end user launches a program. The latest shows the program starting to launch, windows 7 shows the spinning wheel but never launches the app. Eventually the computer will stop responding all together. you can move the mouse and the num lock or caps lock lights will react but nothing within the OS will react. Most of my end users are just powering off the computer which is causing even more problems with the OS.

The other item I am seeing more and more of is the zenWindowsDeamon windows will hang with nothing listed. This seemed to start happening when I moved from 11.2.3a to 11.2.4. I am now running 11.2.4 MU1.

I requested the other tech to create a support request when he can but also figured I would post here to see if this is something someone else has an idea what might be happening.