We finally have all of our Netware servers migrated to OES11SP2. It has been a long process, but everything is working perfectly now.

My CA will be expiring in a couple of months though. I cannot remember what happened when the old Netware CA expired 10 years ago, but I did find TID #7013047 which details the process for OES. It seems kind of strange that you have to delete and recreate the CA rather than just renewing it, but that's OK since the process is pretty detailed.

All the certs that were generated from that original CA will also be expiring at the same time. With Netware, it was easy to do a pkidiag followed by tckeygen to update the certificates and get Tomcat working properly. I know that I can use the options in iManager to generate the new certificates. I haven't been able to find any steps on how to then make sure all the OES services are using the new certificate. I'm specifically worried about iPrint since we use it heavily across our organization. I've had issues in the past with certificates causing iPrint to stop working.

Can anyone point me to some steps to follow after generating new server certificates with iManager?