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You can grab everything rather quick in powershell:
Get-ChildItem -Recurse | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer } | Get-Acl

> Alex,
> Yes, I understand that if Bob is a member of Administrators, then the
> Owner attribute will be set to the Administrators group, as clearly
> described in the text I quoted from the same page you pointed me to. And
> the readme that Joe points to does explicitly say that Filr won't
> synchronize folders where Administrators are the owner.
> However, in this customer's case, they were explicitly assigning AD
> groups to specific folders; so a folder structure called "Pedagogy", for
> example, may be assigned to the group "Teachers" as Owner. This also
> caused the Filr issue described in the readme.
> What I'm wondering about is whether this is normal practice in an AD
> environment to assign AD groups (NOT necessarily Admins or Domain
> Admins) as Owners of folders.
> Jacques