Running OES 11 with Windows 7 clients.

I have a couple of drives that are not OES based. One is a NAS box
and the other is a virtual appliance. I can manually execute the NET
USE command on any Windows 7 PC in my office and map a drive letter to
either unit. The NAS box works fine in my login script. Everyone
company wide needs access to it, so the login script includes these
two lines:

@NET USE U: \\nas_box\path /PERSISTENT:NO

Now I need to add the appliance. The net use command works fine
manually for the appliance. Only a few specific people need access to
it, so I created a group in eDirectory and added these lines to my
login script

IF MEMBER OF "appliance_group.my_org" THEN BEGIN
@NET USE P: \\appliance\path /PERSISTENT:NO /USER:username password

The drive is not showing up. I'm stumped. I can't find any typos,
the group exists and has the right members, and I can manually run the
command and it works. So why wouldn't it run/map during the login
script? How can I troubleshoot this?